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    Web Development

    Web Development

    Web Design

    Let us customize your online presence. We can incorporate all of your graphics, information, audio and video into one presentation. We combine print media with high-end multimedia options for a complete website solution. No one sets an impression like we do.

    Dehydr8ed has majored in web based design, development and hosting since 1999. The design and programming skills our developers possess will keep your company one step ahead of the game. Visual concepts can help boost sales and recognition to your company, product or music release. Choose from a variety of web development solutions.

    With a single phone call to Dehydr8ed, you will be connected to a team of highly skilled experts with one goal in mind – creating a completely unique website to help drive your business.

    Every Dehydr8ed experience is defined by quality and innovation. Our custom websites are experience-based and globally relevant; they’re designed to address the audience your company seeks.  Each site is specifically tailored to your company’s industry and unique needs.  We provide the site you need to attract more clients today and equip you with the team you’ll need to handle business issues your company will face tomorrow.


    Dehydr8ed can maintain your website, ensuring it’s constantly up-to-date with the latest information about your company. Although this might seem like a small service, the utility of your website declines over time if not properly maintained with the newest technology and information.

    Online Marketing

    Dehydr8ed  can provide:

    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
      • On-Page SEO
      • Off-Page SEO
    • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
    • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
    • Ongoing Internet Marketing Services
    • Mobile Marketing

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    Search Engine Optimization will help your business discover the words people use to find your products and services online. By strategically employing these keywords on your website, we get high rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo. More> Link to SEO Page

    Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
    Also called search engine advertising, SEM guarantees first-page placement in search results on Google, Bing and Yahoo. By purchasing keyword ads for which your site is not optimized, you can boost traffic and ensure that your services are getting the attention they deserve.

    Social Media Marketing (SMM)
    Whereas traditional media typically only allows one-way communication of a company’s message, SMM generates discussion through online social media channels. Spreading messages from user to user in a grassroots way, Dehydr8ed will cultivate your brand image though social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. More> Link to Social Media Marketing Page

    Mobile Marketing
    Considering the popularity of smartphones, mobile marketing is a crucial and burgeoning aspect of reaching customers. Services like app development, SMS campaigns, mobile content development, user-friendly maps interface, and Siri optimization make Dehydr8ed’s team of specialists the clear choice.

    Ongoing Internet Marketing Services
    As part of our ongoing Internet marketing services, our consultants:

    • Keep a finger on the pulse of your business, always looking for more opportunities to increase traffic in the most beneficial areas for your business
    • Work on strategies that turn traffic into customers
    • Maintain your Master Keyword List
    • Manage your SEM accounts and report activity monthly
    • Recommend new Internet marketing strategies as opportunities present themselves
    • Prepare a monthly report of site activities and site performance


    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best tool for getting high rankings on search engines. If your website is an integral part of your business, there is no longer-lasting or effective way to promote it than through SEO. Our job is to help business owners like you achieve first page rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo!, thus ensuring your website gets the attention it deserves. At Dehydr8ed, we do the work for you.

    While many search engines have come and gone, Dehydr8ed has been effective with them all.

    SEO is an ongoing process, not a one-step fix. Search engines and directories constantly change the way they rank sites and your top competitors constantly respond to these changes. As a result, search rankings can change at any time – even multiple times a day.

    To achieve and maintain a high ranking, you have to consistently stay ahead of the game.

    Our on-staff certified SEO Specialist constantly researches changes and trends in the industry (so you don’t have to) and makes sure you benefit from this knowledge quickly. And since the major search engines do not actually publish the criteria they use to rank your site, Dehydr8ed’s proven history of SEO success can be reassuring.

    How the SEO Process Works

    At Dehydr8ed, SEO is a three-step process:

    • Initial Site Review
    • Implementation
      • On-Page
      • Off-Page
    • Continued SEO Support

    Initial Site Review

    Before tackling your website optimization, Dehydr8ed first examines who you are, who your customers are and what your competition is up to. Dehydr8ed’s behavioral analysis, in which we take the pulse of your business to see where it is now and where you want it to go, is the crucial first step to driving new traffic to your site. This is what helps us create a targeted SEO strategy for your business.

    Determine Your Target Market.
    SEO is all about marketing. We work to understand the behavior of your customers. Who are they? Who is your ideal customer? Where does 80% of your business currently come from? What types of business would you like to attract? What is important to your customers? What recent sales trends have you noticed?

    Keyword Research and Behavioral Analysis
    What words and phrases are customers searching for to find your products or services? Dehydr8ed uses specialized tools to determine how many searches per month are done on your keywords and the variations those keywords can take. (For example: your product is “cars”, but are more people searching on “autos” or “automobiles”? If you are a recruiter, are candidates searching more on “jobs” or “careers”?)

    Dehydr8ed also receives specific keyword suggestions from Google Adwords.

    The keyword list, constantly updated over time, is a powerful marketing tool for spotting trends, researching new product ideas, and identifying seasonal variations in demand.

    What are Your Competitors Doing Right?
    Are your competitors getting higher rankings? Why? Dehydr8ed performs a competitive analysis to answer these questions.

    On-Page SEO Implementation

    Once we determine the keywords your customers are searching with, we then strategically add those terms to your site.

    Optimize Your Content for Keywords.
    Dehydr8ed verifies that keywords are used prominently throughout the text of your website. To get the best rankings, keywords must be used frequently and positioned strategically on the webpage, while not losing the overall message of your site. Dehydr8ed writers and SEO strategists work together to give you the best of both worlds.

    Another great way to continually update your site with new, SEO friendly information is to have a blog. Our team at Dehydr8ed has written successful blogs for a wide variety of clients. Creating a blog is completely optional, but a great addition to the SEO process.

    Optimize Your HTML Code for SEO.
    Dehydr8ed runs SEO checks on all of our SEO clients to make sure the HTML meta tags for your site are well optimized for all search engines.

    Dehydr8ed can optimize your website using the right mix of keywords.

    Having high-value links to your website from other sites is almost as important as the content of your site. Dehydr8ed can help you identify and obtain these links.

    Off-Page SEO Implementation

    Get Listed on Top Directories:
    Once your site is launched, we list it on general, SEO friendly directories. In addition, we list it on specialty directories applicable to your industry. If your business has a local focus, we also add your site to local directories such as Yelp, Yellow Book and Google Places. For some sites, we recommend listing on the Yahoo! directory as well. Local directories provide an extra layer of SEO to your site. For example, the iPhone’s Siri application uses local directories such as Yelp, as opposed to Google, to inform users about nearby businesses.

    Ongoing SEO Support

    Dehydr8ed runs SEO checks and sends monthly reports to all our internet marketing clients. We continually optimize your keywords and determine the best ongoing strategies for you.

    Social Media Networking

    Social Media Marketing (SMM) has become an increasingly useful resource, but can be difficult to implement properly and effectively. While traditional media typically allows only one-way communication of a company’s message, SMM generates an online conversation through social media channels. Messages spread from user to user in a grassroots way because they come from a trusted source, not straight from the brand or company.

    There are several reasons why SMM is important, including:

    • Provides useful information to customers about products and services in a more casual way
    • Helps with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Starts a conversation with prospects and continues the conversation with customers

    For B2B clients, Dehydr8ed can help your business by focusing your SMM efforts on three main sources: Blogs, LinkedIn and Facebook.

    Where appropriate for B2C clients, Dehydr8ed also includes Twitter and YouTube strategies among others.

    Sites such as these provide SEO benefits for your brand and allow you to build relationships with your customer base.


    Click to see Dehydr8ed’s Facebook page.

    Facebook is second only to Google in number of visitors. A properly developed Facebook page can help you recruit new customers and maintain relationships with existing customers. If you are serious about social media marketing, you may even want to consider purchasing ads on Facebook. A fan page can also greatly aid your company’s SEO efforts. However, companies should only use this site if it’s appropriate to their overall goals and image.

    Because of Google’s ‘nofollow’ code, Facebook doesn’t directly affect your website’s SEO. However, having a Facebook profile can have massive indirect SEO benefits, including:

    • Facebook can be a great resource for generating brand awareness. Since it’s now popular with virtually every age demographic, the site can be where building your relationships with other businesses and prospects come together.
    • Facebook applications can be a great way for communicating news and events. It can encourage engagement with your brand, your products or your services.
    • Facebook can drive traffic to your site and other online properties. Your Facebook profile can now be indexed in search results and can provide another favorable listing in the organic search results of the engines.
    • Facebook can be a lead generation tool and can be used to qualify existing leads. Evaluating other company profiles can help you build relationships with your prospects and support the lead generation qualifying process.

    Dehydr8ed can help you set up your company Facebook page, creating content and campaigns to increase your company’s number of “fans”.


    Click to follow Dehydr8ed on Twitter.

    Twitter, one of the fastest growing social media sites, lets you stay in constant contact with your customers. Tweeting about a new product or service lets your company build stronger relationships with your clients or simply fill them in on what is going on around the office. A quick tweet with a URL can help move traffic to a preferred landing page on your site. Similar to Facebook, companies should only use this site if it’s appropriate to their corporate image and goals.

    Twitter won’t directly affect your site’s SEO because of Google’s ‘nofollow’ code.  However, having a Twitter profile can benefit your company in other ways including:

    • Think of Twitter as the newest type of social mixer to engage with your industry.
    • Twitter allows a business to keep their brand out there for people to engage with.
    • If your company blogs, you can use Twitter to promote your blog content. You can set up a feed to automatically post your blog post URLs directly to Twitter.
    • Use Twitter to promote your press releases and company news. Twitter is another information hub that can help communicate information quickly.

    Dehydr8ed can help you set up your own Twitter account and instruct you on its uses for your business.


    Click to see Dehydr8ed’s LinkedIn page.

    LinkedIn is geared solely toward professionals to offer a strategic networking experience. LinkedIn serves virtually every industry and profession, and both individuals and businesses can create profiles. It has 12.5 million small business users alone.

    Creating a LinkedIn profile for your company can help in SEO. Some of the benefits include:

    • LinkedIn is highly regarded by search engine giant Google and its pages are seen favorably when compared to other websites. Regular updates give better visibility and more credence in the eyes of Google.
    • Your company’s public profile may be seen, indexed and returned within search results. LinkedIn may even provide multiple opportunities for your company to rank since every employee’s profile can be an additional search result.
    • The various functions of LinkedIn enable companies to maximize their SEO potential by sharing relevant information such as resumes, business opportunities, job vacancies, etc.
    • Businesses can share information through their profile, providing the opportunity to “sell” the company’s profile to customers. The profile offers the opportunity for the company to market their goods as well as add links to their websites or blogs.

    Dehydr8ed can help you set up your own personal account on LinkedIn and/or add a company page.


    Click to see our videos on YouTube.

    YouTube receives more searches than Yahoo! or Bing. Because of this, posting compelling content to the online video community can be a great way to connect with customers and to attract new ones. Even if your company can’t use YouTube to post promotional videos about products and services, you may be able to post short, recorded webcasts that can be used for investor presentations or e-learning. Once you have a video ready to upload, you can add SEO friendly title and description tags.

    Having a corporate YouTube channel can hold multiple benefits, including:

    • The More Info section of a video is a great place to promote your brand with links back to your homepage and Facebook page.
    • The video annotation feature can increase visits to your associated sites (homepage, Facebook page, etc.) by including a call to action. (“Click here to visit our homepage!”)
    • YouTube can bolster your brand presence on search engines. By using proper SEO principles when adding keywords to your videos, you can gain additional search result listings.
    • Since YouTube videos can be easily shared and even embedded in sites like Facebook by viewers, you have the potential to create a popular viral marketing campaign.

    Dehydr8ed can help you create videos for YouTube, establish your own channel on YouTube and optimize your video details for search engines.



    Click to read our blog on FeedBurner.

    Just because social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have been growing rapidly doesn’t mean blogs are out of style. Blogs are more important than ever, and they are here to stay. A blog helps connect a company to its customers and business partners. It provides an outlet for a company to establish a line of direct communication. Also remember that informative content from blogs can be recycled on email campaigns and company newsletters. See Our Blog> Link to blog page

    Keyword links from your blog to your other sites can help in SEO. Some of the benefits include:

    • Most blog software offers uncomplicated URL structure, making it fairly easy for search engine spiders to find and crawl blog content.
    • Links to RSS feeds that use the blog’s domain name can build link popularity. When RSS content is syndicated or cited by other blogs, any embedded links will also assist in sending traffic.
    • Search engines reward fresh content with repeat visits. Regular blog updates mean your site is crawled more frequently, allowing your new content to become searchable more quickly. Fresh content is also more authoritative (and therefore often higher ranked) to search engines.
    • An active blog community creates the kinds of citations or signals from other sites (annotated and contextually relevant links) that search engines tend to reward in the rankings. Loyal readers can boost a site’s visibility through advocacy on other blogs, on their own blogs and within the comments of your blog.

    Dehydr8ed can help you set up your blog design and template. If you wish, we can also manage your blog for you, writing articles and adding images.

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